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Benefit From Our Professional Pool Filter Installation Service

Pools, like everything else in your house, require regular maintenance. You must take the required precautions to ensure that you may enjoy your pool at all times. It starts with hiring the right pool maintenance service in Valley Stream, NY. Jose Pool Renovation of Valley Stream is a professional pool filter installation company.

While appropriate pool cleaning and maintenance can extend the life of your filter cartridge, it will ultimately need to be replaced. A blocked filter makes it difficult for water to pass through the filtering system quickly. This not only affects the filter’s ability to clean the pool, but can also change the chemical makeup of the pool, making it potentially hazardous to swim in. In fact, certain parts of the country have rules governing how quickly water goes through your filter, so it’s critical that you replace your pool’s filter cartridge as soon as possible. Installing a new filter restores your filtration system to peak function, ensuring that your friends and family are swimming in a safe environment.

Filter cartridges have long been thought to be the best way to keep your pool clean and the water quality under control. The filter cartridge in your pool can efficiently remove particles, bits of dirt, and trash from your pool, but it can only do so if it isn’t clogged from overuse. While it’s usually clear when it’s time to skim your pool or clean out the inside, a failed filtration system isn’t. If your filter cartridge isn’t performing properly, no matter how much you clean your pool, the flow will be restricted. Reach out to us today!

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