Valley Stream, NY 11580

Frequently Asked Questions

If the water in your swimming pool is not balanced, it will affect the condition of your equipment and the swimming experience for your bathers. Jose Pool Renovation of Valley Stream is a professional company you can always rely on for exceptional swimming pool repair in and around Valley Stream, NY. Here, we present our FAQ page.

What services do you specifically provide?

We are popular in the area for our reliable and quality residential pool repair services. Not only can we fix and replace damaged filters, pumps, heaters, and skimmers, but we also carry out different remodeling jobs. You can contact our team for pool lighting installation, re-plumbing, pool opening and closing, and patio installation.

Are your technicians prompt?

Our team members are professional, qualified, and experienced. We have 10-years’ experience, and yes, we strive to offer same-day, swift services to all our clients.

Is your business licensed?

Yes, our local pool service provider is licensed, insured, and bonded.

Do you provide comprehensive maintenance programs?

Yes, we do upon request. After our technicians inspect your equipment and check the condition of all the components, we can tell how often we should come to your property for inspection and repair. Along with testing the parts, we will also check the pH level of the water, its alkalinity, chlorine level, and calcium hardness.

Do you offer emergency services?

Jose Pool Renovation of Valley Stream is open for appointments and requests from Monday to Saturday from 8.00 am to 7.30 pm.

Why do I have algae in my pool?

Like any other living organism, algae need nutrients and sunlight to thrive. It also needs something to cling onto and grow. If you do not vacuum and brush your pool regularly, chances are the water will soon change color and become murky.

How much do you charge for swimming pool remodeling?

We provide free estimates. The price for the project depends on the services included, their complexity, additional features that you may want, and other factors. We can give you more specific information when we know more about your plan.

My pool deck is pretty cracked. Can you fix it?

Of course. Our specialists utilize top-quality products and tools to restore the concrete or pavers on pool decks and patios. We conduct complete resurfacing, replacement, and repair.

Do you have Spanish speakers on your team?

Yes, we do.

How do I know I need a new filter?

When it is time for pool filter replacement, you will notice you need to clean it more frequently, it runs longer to clean your pool, or it gets clogged more often. Instead of checking your filter yourself, call our technicians for a professional opinion.

How do you renovate pools?

We can replace and install new tiles, plaster, replace the coping, and conduct any other minor or major fixes.

If your property is in Valley Stream, NY and you want to capitalize on our exceptional pool filter installation and other services, call our skilled technicians at (516) 703-2700. We will be glad to give you a hand!